This option does not include any construction, but is an opportunity to transform any room with material selection, furnishings, window coverings, finish details such as area rugs, paint, wallpaper, lighting and accessories. Visualizing your new space in 3D can allow you to see suggested furniture layouts, colours and material options which is a great investment to confirm that your new purchases will fit perfectly in your space before it gets delivered!

What to Expect

  • Simply updating your furnishings, paint colours or lighting?
  • This does not include any renovations or construction. Can be by room, home, office or commercial space.
  • 3D Conceptual Furniture Layouts showcase suggested furnishings, area rugs, colours, lighting and window coverings.
  • We source and suggest all of the options required to create your perfect space.
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In-Home or Virtual

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3D Concept

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