California Dreaming: The Kitchen and Bar

This California house required a dreamy renovation that was to be inspired by nature’s gift of colours. The area was not easily accessible to the exterior garden either. The dated pickled stain on the dinette set, the subdued upholstery, the lack of lighting….. all needed to be refreshed. The sitting area was closed in by windows and a u-shaped bar, which was a step-down and very dangerous!

The dreamy renovations consisted of replacing 2 of the windows with a large garden door to add more light and to allow easier access to the exterior garden. The upholstery on the chairs and bar stools was replaced with some fun colours. The wood was refinished to add more richness and to coordinate with the new open bar which is now on the same floor level as the rest of the kitchen!

The bar is now L-shaped making this area more welcoming and enlarges the space. New lighting over the table was also added that was as playful as the pendant lighting. The granite selected for this bar was the inspiration to the lighting and fabric selections!

Now this room has added some of nature’s beautiful colours while allowing the outside to come in!

Close-up photos of the newly designed bar area and counter which was the nature’s gift of colours that inspired this kitchen project.  This counter is a granite called FUSION.  Hand selected slabs created this masterpiece!!