Interior Design Services

Your Home has so much potential. What can you do to take it to the next level? Rely on the expertise of an award-winning interior designer. Accredited and certified, Katherine has been helping homeowners like you create their dream homes on the inside since 1995. Look to her for everything from the family room to bathroom to bedroom design in Newmarket. She provides customized solutions for your interior decorating needs.

Modern Interior Design Solutions

Picturing new colours, furniture, and features in your home is now simpler than ever, especially when you partner with Katherine Joy Interiors. Our experts use state-of-the-art technology to plan your new design, rendering floor plans in 3D for quick and convenient viewing. Not only that, we offer personalized colour consultations, so you can easily find the right colour for any room in your home.

3D Visualizations

Using the latest technology allows you to visualize your space in 3-D just like celebrities do. Katherine and her team work from blueprints or measurements taken from the existing room. With this information, we create furniture plans and multi-view renderings of your space so you can see what a difference design expertise and technology makes.

Colour Consultations

Transform your space with the use of colour. Paint is the least expensive decorating tool available. Selecting the best colour is key. Ask Katherine and her team help you find just the right colour to make a difference.

Complete Room Transformations

Whether it be a living room, dining room, bedroom or any other room in your home or business, a new look is inspirational in your everyday life. Selecting new furniture or reupholstering cherished pieces, adding new flooring, lighting, art, and accessories enhance your space and allow you to enjoy it more. We specialize in family room and living room design.


This is the most valued room in the house and based on resale, the best investment room as well. A well-planned kitchen design enables you to maximize your preparation areas and entertainment needs while keeping that flow with the rest of your house. We can assist you in improving the beauty and functionality of your kitchen.

Bedrooms & Bathrooms

Would it surprise you to know 25 percent to 30 percent of our lives are spent in the bedroom and bathroom? With that in mind, creating peaceful and inviting bedroom and bathroom design is vital. Colour, furniture placement, and lighting impacts you—especially in these rooms. Count on us for decorating ideas for the master bedroom and bath that enrich the time in these spaces.

Living and Family Rooms

Formal or casual, traditional, contemporary or modern—what is your style? Finding the best sofa or chair is like fitting a shoe. It has to fit the client. Want to just jazz up your existing furniture with an area carpet, new lighting, and art or create a new room from scratch? The professional guidance allows peace of mind for your investment and assures your completed rooms are comfortable, inviting, and thoroughly reflect your personal style.

Dining Rooms

The least used room in most homes, but still a significant one. The style of this room demands attention and is best to keep the adjacent rooms coordinating. Comfortable seating is a must for any dining table. And, lighting is essential to create the right ambiance.

Home Office

If you work from home, this room needs to be organized and efficient. The proper ergonomic desk and chair fitted just for you are vital to your health, comfort, and efficiency.

Window Coverings

Covering the windows with blinds or fabric is just as much an investment as purchasing furniture. Selecting the proper treatment for each room’s needs is the first priority and making it look amazing is the overall goal. Layering beautiful drapery panels over blinds allows for both function and design. Window coverings should relate to your room’s style. We can show you how.

Accessories & Art

Accessories and art in your home are like jewelry with that little black dress. The finishing touches make the rooms sparkle and add the character that makes that makes the space your own. We can suggest the perfect accompaniments to any space.


Wood burning, gas, electric—there are so many choices available for any room of your home. Mantle or no mantle—let us help you decide. A fireplace adds comfort, warmth, and value to any room.

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