Keen eye for coordinating materials, colours and themes

After we decided it was finally time to renovate our bathroom, the natural first step was to secure a contractor to do the work. Once that was done, it would be clear sailing. It would take a little bit of work, but we could do this on our own. Right?

After our first visit to the tile store, we knew we needed help. We asked ourselves, where do you start? We were spending a lot of money on the renovation and wanted to get it right.

Through a neighbour we connected with Kathy Porath. During our first visit with Kathy we were put at ease. Kathy asked us a lot of questions about what we liked and didn’t like and laid out a process we would follow to complete the renovation. Kathy was extremely helpful in so many ways and did much of the legwork in selecting materials. For example, she worked hard to find a vanity for us, sending us lots and lots of possibilities. When we just couldn’t find the one we wanted, she suggested having one made and recommended a cabinet maker she had worked with in the past. When it came to choosing the design and finish for the vanity and tiles, she narrowed down our choices so they were manageable, yet consistent with our vision of the bathroom we discussed in our first meeting. With her guidance we also picked out the new fixtures and finishes. Everything fit together.

Kathy’s advice and recommendations were always sound. She never forced her opinion on us, letting us make the final decision. She was in tune with what we wanted and considered that in all the possibilities she presented. In addition, she was able to offer ideas that were consistent with our likes yet things we hadn’t considered.

We were very impressed with Kathy’s ability as an interior decorator. She has a keen eye for coordinating materials, colours and themes throughout a space. We have taken her advice not only on the bathroom, but in other areas of our house and have not once regretted going with her recommendation.

We are very pleased with our new bathroom and the subsequent changes we are making throughout our home. Kathy made the project much easier than it would have been had we done it alone. Thank you Kathy for helping to make our home something we are proud of.

Lara and Paul Schneider