Made our House a Home

When we met Katherine Joy Porath, we had been living abroad for twenty-eight years. For the most recent eighteen of those years, we had been living in furnished resort accommodations, and consequently had no furniture to bring to a new home we had purchased in Toronto. We bought the apartment in the fall, just before leaving Canada for another winter, with the hope that we could have it fully furnished and ready for occupancy when we returned in the spring. Katherine made that possible.

Furnishing a new home from scratch brings one great advantage. There are no old pieces of furniture that must be accommodated, and the decorator has complete freedom to create whatever mood the client has requested. This was an area where Katherine excelled. We told her the mood we wanted, one of peace and tranquility, with a harmony between rooms and no jarring changes from one room to another. Katherine immediately grasped our objectives, and there were no suggestions presented that didn't meet these criteria.

We didn't initially plan any significant renovations to the apartment, but Katherine, in her ever tactful way, convinced us to make some very major changes which converted our new home from a nice space into a home that positively delights us. This was not made easy by the fact that almost all of our communications throughout the project were by e-mail, which can be very time consuming, and without care can lead to serious misunderstandings. Katherine was amazingly fast in all her responses to our questions and suggestions. We weren't burdened with any problems; if an idea didn't work out, the news was accompanied with a suggestion for an alternative solution.

As the renovations and furnishing neared completion, Katherine shifted her attention to the household items we would require if we were to move direct into the apartment when we returned to Canada. We didn't expect her help in this area, but our dream couldn't have been realized without it. Obvious things, like an iron and ironing board, joined a growing list of other items such as a coffee maker and glassware and flatware and a can opener and cleaning goods, many of which we would never have thought of. We would have been seriously inconvenienced without her forethought and initiative.

Throughout the five months it took to complete this project, our confidence in Katherine's judgement and reliability and diligence continued to grow, and made the entire endeavor much easier than we had dared to hope. We could not be more pleased with her services.

Peg & Ron Massey