We recommend her highly

"Like a lot of people we assembled an eclectic collection of furniture over the years based primarily on what we both liked, but still with an eye to follow a Mission style for our dinning and living room and with a more casual/contemporary/lived-in... feel to our family room.  The only problem with this approach was putting the finishing touches on it, and tying it all together became something we just couldn't do!  That's when we decided to call Katherine, based on a friends referral, to help us pull it all together.

Katherine was up to the challenge, and in one visit quickly assessed our ideas and vision, and then enthusiastically made suggests.  With her trained eye we even had fun rearranging things and rooms to create a look and feel we are very happy with, for us the transformation creates and warm, inviting and gorgeous  look and feel.  She made key suggestions on additional accent pieces which blended in beautifully and was prompt and timely with phone calls, emails, shopping trips and tips to help us source and find some great deals on our finishing touches!  We would not have been able to get there without her!

Its true, it was a JOY to work with Katherine JOY and we recommend her highly."


Jon and Bebe