Pursuit of excellence and customer satisfaction

family was involved in an international move after residing in San Diego, California for 20 years. Katherine Porath was referred to us via our realtor to assist with the quite extensive completion of our newly constructed home in North York, Ontario. Her professional responsibilities extended well beyond those which are customary for an Interior Decorator. Katherine’s responsibilities fell into the following three areas of support: project administration, construction/landscaping design and support , and the customary interior design support.

As a project manager, Katherine’s ability to provide clearly defined objectives, time tables, and exceptional follow up ( both written and verbal communication) allowed for the successful completion of major construction changes  so that our home was move-in ready at our arrival date. As a customer, we were able to focus our attention elsewhere since her mastery of these business management skills provided us the accountability and reassurance that our personal needs were being addressed in our absence.

Perhaps the attributes that we valued the most in our association with Katherine were: personal integrity, the pursuit of excellence and customer satisfaction, and smart problem-solving. One can always find experienced, talented individuals who are willing to undertake the job at the outset, but it is rare to find an “expert” that completes the job, leaving the customer with an overall satisfaction that the work performed and the experience shared could not have been done any better if they had done it themselves.


Ron and Lauren